Torrent-fu concept 2 beta

by matt

Here’s a beta for anyone who’d like to try the latest incarnation of Torrent-fu and help shape how it works a bit.

First, I’ve redesigned almost everything to fit more with the latest android design guidelines. I’ve also switched the flow of the ui. In this version you start immediately at the manage torrents screen. On that screen, torrents from all profiles show with the profile name in square brackets([]) around the profile name.

To get to menu items click the icon on the top and the menu will be revealed with the usual options. I have removed the barcode search for now because it wasn’t functioning very well, but I hope to have a new solution soon.

It is still 2 taps to get to search (the magnifying glass on the top right, then type.) The search box now has autocomplete, but only from the current session, nothing is saved to disk. The keyboard replaces the enter button with the search action to make the process more smooth.

The search results page has been redesigned too.

You can download the beta here

Remember, it’s beta software. If you have any suggestions/complaints/ideas send them to on over to munday [at]

Heres a quick screenshot of the redesigned main screen: