Imperial shop-fabricated tanks, blenders, and bins are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, designs, and finishes to meet the demands of any industry. Our proven construction capabilities include:

Superior Design and Engineering

Imperial engineers incorporate hundreds of data points to transform your application requirements into custom storage solutions backed by detailed drawings, materials lists, production schedules, and cost estimates. Comprehensive analysis of factors such as product characteristics, wind load, soil and seismic conditions, and current local, national and international building codes ensure our storage solutions are built to optimize your operations without worry.

Materials and Construction

Imperial tanks are constructed to provide superior strength and performance for even the most demanding specifications. Carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and a number of specialty alloys are available to meet the unique needs of any industry. Featuring one-piece welded construction and easy on-site installation, every tank is built with integrity and backed by unrivaled customization flexibility and service.

Linings and Coatings

Our Polane® Urethane coating provides exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and a high-gloss finish. All tank surfaces are prepared to perform through a detailed, multi-step protection process that far exceeds the competition. Our proprietary preparations include first-class interior and exterior coatings developed in partnership with the Sherwin Williams Technical Team, with protection levels and special applications available to meet any preferred specifications. All linings and coatings are carefully applied in a controlled factory environment and are guaranteed to meet industry and federal regulations.

ASME Certification

Imperial Industries has the ability to manufacture bulk storage tanks and silos in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards. Imperial has been issued a “U” stamp for the fabrication of pressure vessels, and an “R” stamp for repairs and alterations, allowing for the fabrication of tanks and vessels exceeding 15 PSI and going up to 3000 PSI internal. As an ASME-certified team, Imperial proudly upholds the highest standards for industry compliance and safety – just as it upholds a commitment to unmatched workmanship.

Systems Installation

As a value-added service, our manufacturing process can always include the installation of OEM customers’ tank-mounted equipment. Completely mounted, piped and wired units are then shipped directly to installation sites, saving OEM customers valuable field installation time and reducing labor and shipping costs. Imperial also factory installs customer supplied discharge, mixing, weighing and batching equipment, and other components and accessories.


Swift and safe delivery of your tanks are of the utmost importance. At Imperial, we work with a team of experienced drivers and customer-specified carriers that operate a fleet of self-unloading trailers.

All factory-welded tanks are delivered complete and ready to set in place, so you can put them into immediate operation. Field-welded assemblies – prepared when storage requirements exceed the space needed for safe, one-piece construction – are delivered in precision-aligned components, complete with our detailed engineering drawings for fast, no-problem assembly.


Imperial service doesn’t stop at the sale. Our sister company, Industrial Tank Services, LLC, has a dedicated team of field service specialists always available to ensure that your tanks and their components are flawlessly installed and in line with Imperial’s recommendations and best practices. From the initial shimming and anchoring to the final application of finish grout, and all of the piping, level indicators and bin vents in between, our efficient team of installation specialists have you covered.

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